The APN has the following objectives:
To enhance and expand regional development and networking opportunities in pharmacometrics by holding annual symposiums outside Japan, China and Korea as well
To provide training opportunities to future pharmacometricians by holding regular and affordable educational workshops.
Compared with WCoP’s objectives, one can see that, in addition to the similar objective of enhancing development and networking opportunities in pharmacometrics, APN has an additional objective of training future pharmacometricians by holding educational workshops.
Through annual symposiums and workshops, the APN is expected to become the main channel to promote networking and training opportunities for pharmacometrics communities in the Asian region, similar to PAGE. In addition, the APN encourages data sharing, which can possibly lead to building up a regional Big Data network, thereby creating real-world evidences useful for drug development and treatment in the region. Last but not least, APN will develop a program to collaborate with the two other regional pharmacometrics networks, the Ibero-America pharmacometrics Network and the Pharmacometrics Africa, thereby bridging collaborations between Asia and the rest of the world.